Single And Want Someone

I am single who is looking for that special one..
I am dependant,funny,honest who is busty and bbw
sunsure sunsure
41-45, F
6 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Are you still available?? I'm looking for someone who's willing to be very obedient to her man, if you're interested please send me mail ;)

Wishing you enjoyable Holiday parties even with a "make do" to give you the chance to spot a "possible" Mr train !

have great holiday

Think of your special one who will need training, Suggestionhave funwith a hot couple that may lead to trained Mr Right !

hi,,,sounds very good..:)

thanks.. Hello

You are at a great age to be a hot wife and enjoy memories, withtrust, you will never forget.

I agtee but cant find that special one

According to your picture, you're also a furry ;)

Just kidding, I haven't uploaded a picture of myself either, might not even, still weighting out the site... but good luck on your hunt, it might to easier with a pic though.

Yup am furry.. I do have pics up.

Ah, sorry, I'm new to the site and didn't realize you could upload multiple pix... thanks for pointing that out!