I'm single and have been for a while. And I'm looking. In fact, I'm looking for something serious. And trust me I've been told I'm too young and I have plenty of time and blah blah blah, but that doesn't change how I feel. And when you think about, like really think about it, the next person anyone dates you're either going to be with forever, or spend a whole lot of time to eventually just break up. Trust me I have dreams and goals that I will accomplish, but I want to experience them with someone, not try and relive the glory days explaining it to them, but actually having them together. I could go on and on about this subject hahaha
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Wait for the right one babe as its soo much better when u find that person. Don't waste Ya time with the others as it just cause Ya heartache. Don't rush, all comes to those who wait.... That's my view, good luck

Being single sux,yes its cool to have time for yourself and explore and w/e but eventually you'll need someone in life,someone you can trust,share dreams,someone who cares about you and loves you...
I said to myself: "I don't need anyone,this way i wont get hurt,once again,right?". I was so wrong...Sometimes when I'm sad and when I feel lonely it hurts,it hurts not having someone I love to cheer me up,to hug me.And the older i get,the more it hurts.
Don't listen to others,if you find someone you love,go for it.Love is not going to ask you for permission,ask you if you are ready or if you are old enough.

Wow.. You know exactly how I feel, and managed to put it into words!! And just now that whenever you feel that way, I'm here for you :]

you're right. you're young now, so why wasting time as a single?