Loving It!

I am single and I love it. I don't, repeat don't, want that to change. No, I do not have an account in an online dating site, I don't do speed dating, and I don't lament my single status. I love it. Every decision I make is by me, for me, and about me. There is NOTHING in my home that I had to compromise on. I have the dinner I want every night, and I am always in control of the remote. What's not to love?

Its not that I don't "know what I'm missing". Yes, I do. I'm just not missing it. I have 2 marriages under my belt, and I will not be seeking a third. I dated shortly, but decided that since I am NOT looking for mr. right, why not leave the hunting to the hunters? I enjoy my solitude and yes, I do enjoy, after 30 years of always thinking of that other person, thinking about myself.

So, no more of this "oh my god, I have got to find my soulmate" crap. I may be one of the rare humans that doesn't even have a soulmate. And that's fine with me. Who needs a soulmate when the solitary journey is so satisfying?

nobodyknowsbutme nobodyknowsbutme
3 Responses Nov 24, 2008

A single woman who is also an independent woman.What a concept!

Much to be said for 'loving yourself'. At this point in history, it is perhaps the the only 'pure bond'. Institutions and family used to serve and connect people deeply but not so much anymore. That's just the way it has evolved. Love is still there.

I understand what you're saying here! I feel much the same way. I've never been married but have had enough relationships to know what I want. I'm so used to doing things when and how I want to that I have doubts I could ever feel comfortable being anything but single. <br />
So here is one who really understands and supports how you feel..