A Startling Contrast

I  am single but have a special someone in mind, I have found an annoying contrast though. When I am just a rogue flirt, I am rarely taken seriously and people consider me like leftovers - something to be sampled at a later date. Suddenly when I voice that I have a special someone, eyes perk up on EP and I get a barrage of new fans etc. One almost has to ask: 'so when I was single without a hope I was not nearly as interesting?' This is why I say I am not sure about how I feel about me single in waiting status not that I regret my special someone for she is wonderful but I find myself keenly sifting through the ranks with a fine toothed comb, weeding out the friends who pop up when I am single and on the ropes from the ones who will chat me up candidly reagrdless of my marital status. Single female? You are the cream of the crop or the belle of the ball, single male? 'Dude you gay or something? WTF's wrong with you? There must be something wrong with you and I am going to find out'. Double standard - got to love it right?

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Just be friends with girls while your single and if sparks are there then something will happen.