I Am Pregnant And Single

I am 21 and just found out I am pregnant. I was with a guy on and off for 3 years, during the 3 years he got another girl pregnant and now has a one year old. We recently got close after my brother passed away and I discovered after a few weeks that he was an alcoholic and doing drugs so we stopped talking and I got back together with my ex.
When I found out that I was pregnant I immediately told him because he just happened to call to apologize for everything he said to me and to tell me he had just gotten out of jail (for hitting is baby's mom.)
He tried to talk me into getting an abortion because he couldnt handle having another child and he told me he was probably going back to jail and that he would not be there for the baby if I decided to keep it, I told him I did not know what I was going to do, and that I needed time to think and I would let him know. He freaked out and told me I would not be able to give the baby a life it deserves (which i know i can). And hasn't talked to me since that day.
So since then I have decided I am going to keep it and not have him in the picture at all. But it is also scary knowing I am going to be on my own raising this child, even though I know I will provide the best life I can for the baby.
I am excited to have a baby, and I cant help to think that God sent me a baby for a reason, especially because my brother just passed away less than 2 months ago I know it would bring joy to my family.
But I still question if I am making the right decision...
Oh and my boyfriend now is supportive for either and said he will be here for me no matter what, but of course is encouraging an abortion because he knows how hard its going to be.
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Don't get an abortion it's wrong and you can do this . He may just not want the commitment

I am so sorry to here about your situation. I think you should make the choice based on you and you alone. My long term BF just left and he begged to have the baby. I think you have to know that you are the only person that has to live with either choice. No one will be able to parent for you! Good luck. Love and light!

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