I'm 4 months and 2 weeks pregnant. He left me to do this alone. I don't know what to tell my son when he grows to understand he has a daddy like everyone else. Do I make up some fantasy story or tell the truth. My heart aches I've never been so weak , so sad , so down in my life . I've always been the unbreakable person but I'm all broken. I try to be strong and not cry but this is hitting me hard tonight. I just want to vent out to someone.
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It be ok everythign will work out. if you need to talk i be happy to listen.

read your answer to "I Am Pregnant"; and after reading YOUR story here-----I know you'll be the best "mom" there is to your son.You may feel sad and alone now but after he's born and your holding him for the 1st time----------wee need I say more--may God bless your son and you for the rest of your lives------

I'm a single parent. And my first kid, it hit me hard.. Like this isn't right, how am I supposed to do this alone, what about our daughter, etc.. Then she came..& it was just us. We made it. Some how they just end up knowing dad isn't around and love you..my daughter is 6 now.. And she's just fine..I ended up meeting a guy a he's considered her dad.. Things will be ok. Just strive for better and do whatever it is you need to do. Whether it's to finish school, work and save money. Get your self on track.. Set goals and go shine. Do it for your son. You're ALL he has right now. You have to be strong for the both of you. Trust me I know it hurts. I cried almost every night.. Couldn't figure out why me why me... He didn't even come when I delivered the baby.. Just be prepared for the worst.. If he has the audacity to leave you alone at the time you need him most then I say **** him. He doesn't deserve you or your son. Don't let him play games with you or toy with your emotions. Be strong. I know pregnant women are super vulnerable.. I've been pregnant 4 times. Do what you need to do. You're the only person in this world who can have your back 100%

Thank you for that I really do appreciate it that's the best info/advice anyone has given me .

:) no problem. Idk how old you are but I was pregnant right out high school & had a baby at 19.. It was sooooo hard dealing with the hurt and to top it off.. Growing a human inside of you that's apart of the person who hurt you so much. Like seriously be prepared for the worst. He might try and threaten to take your son once he's here. Stand your ground. You should file for full custody right away if he died try and do it, because dads can file too. It happened to me :( don't be afraid to file for child support either, whether he's working or not. I'm sooo sorry you or any girl has to go thru this. I totally feel for you. If you ever ever need to talk just hit me up. :) keep your head up girl

I'm 20 and yes he works . He's so worried about child support yet he's so quick to cater to the female that just using him for his money. So I decided to file child support. And I know he says it want nothing to do with the baby but his dad what's to take my baby and I'm scared he is going to try to get custody for his dad. His in the army and is get deployed to Germany so i hope it's impossible to take someone with him overseas.

Ok yes. Get full custody of your son when he is born. Do it ASAP. If you're a fit mother there should be no problem with you winning full custody. & his dad, you and him can work out some visitation I'm sure.. I'm in California so I know things may be possibly different in another state, you seem like you're doing good already tho filing for child support good job

Go after me for child support instead it will be less drama and heartache for both of you and I am in the us with a job and would pay as long as its a order that comes out of my check

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I totally understand

My biological dad left my mom wen she was pregnant with me. I've only seen him 3 times in 15 years

My tip to u- tell ur son the truth, it may hurt but its better than a lie