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How do single people over 40 meet,,,how do they  discover their soul- mate? Alone , not into bar scene, there seems to be only the random bumping into people and so very hit and miss. Someone tell me how its done???

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Prayer n fasting n keep Ur head above water!!!

Dunno. Would just like to find someone to share conversation and maybe dinner once in a while. Can't find that either.

I would love to know the answer to this also. Is it possible to find meaningful relationships after 40 or if your un attached does the rubber meet the road. I would like to think it can happen. In fact I hope it does for all of us!

I do see interesting ladies ...@ the grocery, on the bus etc , but I need something more social to chat and get to know someone...back 50 yrs ago they used to have "town socials" but what could be the modern equivalent?

It almost feels as though the internet has replaced those face to face encounters.

So Mike, did any of those ideas work for you? I just moved to Richmond CA and was wondering the same thing. Wasn't having much luck in Austin, TX, so not too optomistic about anything being different here. I do have to say, at least here I get to be outside so much more and I love the outdoors. Hope things looked up for you.

thanks to all of you for the ideas

Usually through interest groups....... I joined a computer course at the local community college and met lots of people over 50 yrs. There are groups who meet for coffee and nature walks in our area, also a cinema group who meet for dinner and then all go to the movies together.<br />
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They are people who are over 55 , widowed or divorced and just want some like minded company. Being in a group means there is less pressure to pair off, yet I do know of some who date as well as attend the group evenings.<br />
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Check the notice board at your local library, OR start a group yourself !

nothing yet

Dingles, hahahaha, I'm a loser

Many ways, there's lots of dingles out there. Internet dating can be a bit..weird..though , single divorcee groups? haha

ask for a phone number, call her, talk a long time, meet and ...

gee thanx just what I figured

God - if only I knew. I'm 40 and I've tried internet dating, speed dating , dine to meet and only seemed to meet people who were nice but I did not fancy , it's a cunundrum , that's for sure...