It's Fine

I can't be in a relationship with people that won't return the favor. I am a kind person and it is a crying shame that I can't find a decent guy to care for me and just be a friend. I can't even have that. I get so tired of all the bs guys keep giving me. Maybe I should just be happy I am newly single and by choice. (=
pearls37 pearls37
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

While I can't give you a relationship, I am more than willing to be a friend if you would like.

Don't give up on love Christian. I'm sorry most guys in your age range are only looking to score. We are not all like that. I'm not saying you should date older men. Just don't think it's all relationships are going to be that way. Your Prince Charming will come along some day when you least expect it.