My Life Is Horrible!

This isn't just working out for me....I have been single all my life, and everyone else I know is either in love or married!!! ='( I have no idea what to do or how I am ever gonna live my life...I wasn't made to live this far...I shoulda died years ago, when my car flipped over and over and crashed into a wall on the freeway!!! I just wasn't made to ever be loved, ever be noticed, and ever be seen! Ya know what....I'm just gonna end this once and for all! I'm gonna go get my knife, and cut my wrists open..and hope for the best...cuz so far, my life has been nothing but horrible! If you are a single male, 13 years old, in the Henderson/Las Vegas NV area, and you are interested in a Emo Nobody like me, then message me before it's too late!!!!!!!!

Emonobody1313 Emonobody1313
2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Aw, please don't speak like that. Don't self-harm yourself. You are still young. It takes time to find somebody special. I haven't had a relationship either and it is so disappointing but I know not to give up. Hang in there girl.

I made a comment on your other story.Give it time,you'll find someone.