And I Don't Want To Be.

Sometimes I wish I could sign up for a dating site to meet guys my age in my area. But what's the chances of 18 year old boys signing up to a dating site, right? lol Plus I think it would be awkward to meet someone that I've met online because I know that our intentions were to date and if I ended up not liking that person then I'd feel bad for turning him down. It doesn't help that I am not very social. I am going to a new high school in September where I will probably be able to meet a guy but I don't even want to wait. I want someone to spend time with over the summer holidays (or what's left of the summer anyway) and I don't exactly have friends. It's frustrating but I've been making through.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Try Okcupid; are there creeps and crazies on there? Yes, of course there is thus is life and companionship. Plus the quizzes and widgets are a good way to occupy ones time.