I'm Single But Not By Choice

i'm widowed but they say i' m single ..how can this be??? doesn't the last 20 years i spent loving and being his wife count for anything..
i broke my heart when things started coming with only my name on them ..i want to scream at the world ...why why why is it so easy to make someone
disappear ...no one says his name anymore ...they call me miss now ...see i know he lived he this world with me ..but five yrs have passed by ...and no one remembers the man with the sweet smile and the heart of gold ...so im sorry but i will never be single ....
goodseemore goodseemore
41-45, F
4 Responses Jan 21, 2011

and i still hate it when others say it was god's " WILL"

I too am sorry for your loss. I have felt that kind of love and lost it, not by death, but by the other person's choice. Maybe they just didn't feel the same about me. The pain is real. The loss is undeniable. Even after time you will not forget the love you have for your husband. Even after time when others have long forgotten, he will always be in your heart. You are normal. You are right in shouting at the world to remember him. He became part of who you are and they want to forget that part of you. Don't let them.

I wish everyone could love like you.

God Bless you; you have a heart of gold.