I Touched Boobs Of A Woman In A Public Bus

Well this happened quite while ago. I was traveling by bus to my university. This woman got into the bus, and came near to me. I never thought such a thing would happen. After few second she came so close to me,but I didn't pay any attention. But then I understood that she's trying to do something.I don't know how did it happen, but my left hand went down and I touched her back. Then I softly kept my hand on her back but she didn't react badly. We were so close & I was almost kissing her neck. Bus traveled for about few minutes,,I was touching her back for few minutes. Then she turned around a bit so I had to take my hand off. I don't know what happened to me,,but even without my attention then my right hand went for her breast.I just softly touched one of the **** and squeezed it. She looked at me suddenly then I took my hand out. After that bus stopped at a halt and lot of passengers got off. Earlier bus was full of passengers but after that bus was normally packed.So I couldn't stay close to her.After that nothing happend between us but I spoke to her later when we got off from the bus. I will tell the rest in my next post. Folks,this a very true experience. I know that i was wrong here,,but I don't know how did it happen to me. I have never had some thing like that and this is the first time I touched a woman like that. and i have to say she seduced me to that but still im wrong.what do you think people?
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However, there is one thumb rule in this game. Don't ever try to be harsh or blunt with women. Don't send out a signal that you might hurt her or pose a threat. Be gentle, and you will see many women are enjoying your small advances. After all, they are not creatures from marsh, they are human beings with sexual cravings just like we men have.

Very true. I also experienced the same in public transport vehicles such as trains or pool cars. The common perception is that women are not aggressive about sexual gestures in public places and they coil into themselves once anyone tries to touch them. This is not always true. At times, I have experienced a woman sitting next to me in a bus or a pool car presses her thigh against mine. In most occasions it all begins with gentle manoeuvering of her hands touching my body-parts adjacent to hers. This happens very strategically so as to give me a signal. What I usually do then is try to touch her elbow or hand with mine to get a confirmation. Most women don't have problems with touching her thighs with mine, or soft press on hands. But they get a shiver when I tried to touch the thigh closer to the crotch with my hand. She moves it for one instance and may or may not get back to previous position, depending on whether or not she is daring enough. Overall, public transport sexual acts are great fun and they help you kill time in a gratifying way. I know there will be many who differs, but this is true. Women longs for it as much as we do. :)

Nice comment. I don't know whether women are attracted by myself. But things you have mentioned here are true. at that time i really felt that she was seducing me. May be i was curious bcoz this was my very first experience. And she didn't react or get angry. I later spoke with her. But we couldn't meet after that. I will post what happend in my next story.

I experience that twice in my life way back in 2007 and 2008 I was in 2nd yr and 3rd yr College I ride the jeep and the other one on the bus and when a guy sit beside me a couple of minutes later I tried to sleep then he began to gently slowly touching my boobs in circular motion and I felt so horny I counldn't help myself I feel like I really really like it.

I hope you are the guy who wants to touch my boobs I won't remove your hand but please no sex because I need to stay virgin until I get married someday.

nice comment

Yea... nice1. I had few experiences too. And i actually thought i was alonrle in this, until now.

**** u baby

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maybe your physically attracted and turned on her seducing.its normal for a man.if you touch a woman and she didn't react or get angry it means she liked it.