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Hey i have to be honest and say this is my first time ever coming out sayin this to anyone! I'm  16  goin on 17 year old this year, who still hasn't got a  boyfriend!! At times not having a boyfriend and seeing my friends talk about their relationships can really bug me sometimes, One of the most annoying times it really gets to me is when my friends mostly female, always pressure me into getting a boyfriend. I always try and tell them i'm really not interested in having a boyfriend but deep down inside i really want one! i'm going to lie there have been some times where guys have come up to me and tried to talk  me but i really didn't give some of them a chance, i know what most people would say" why didn't i take that chance to have a boyfriend", but the truth is that most of those guys are silly are to immature to talk, which i really wasn't attracted to! There was a time when i came close to really having a boyfriend, this guy was probably two years older than me and on his way to graduating. He was tall, wore glasses and a diffrent race race than me, he loved dressing up like a preacher everyday of school almost always, which made me laugh alittle bit wondering why, then i found he was really into religion and wanted to be a minister when he graduates from college and high school i suppose lol, but other than that he was a regular teen, who laughed and told funny stories in class. He was really nice to me, he showed interest in me first and even gave me his number first, which i was alittle surprised by. Afterward we started texting each other most of day, which made me alittle glad and excited at the same time, this was probably one of the first times in my life that a guy had texted me lol. It was great for a time, then he started texting how long have i liked him and so on, to be honest i really couldn't say because his interest took me by surprise, i wsn't really interested in him like that at the time, but i appreciated his conversation and manners. You can say i liked him as friend but was curious as to hat that relationship would be like, if i took that step. I deep down i guess i wanted it to go further but not yet. I really didn't know what to say to him when he asked me how long was i interested in him, which just sorta came to me. Soon the texting died down, but we still talked to each other by saying hey or just waving. I really wanted to have a boyfriend, sometimes it can get alittle lonely but i get used to it most of the time. I  don't get really depressed over not having a boyfriend, because i know one will eventually come along. The dream guy for me is one who is caring, sweet, nice, smart, funloving, funny, and independent. Hopefully oneday he'll come along!

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lol thank u for sharing martymcfly, i really much better knowing i can as long as i want to get that someone special

Yea Thebigmyth is right! Your young you have plenty of time to meet people and things like that. WHen thr right person comes along you'll know it. It will hit you like a pillow to the face. I waited lol til I was 27yrs old before I lost my virginity and it was to someone special.

thank u bigmyth, great advice!!

thank u guys for commenting, really appreaciate it!!! you all r right, i shouldn't just want a boyfriend just to have one, i should really have deep feeling about him lol, and yeah i'll wait until the right guy comes along!!

Its nice to see that you are willing to wait do be in such a rush. My Ex-girlfriend her younger sister has been in two differnt relationships and when she is in one all she does is advertise it on facebook. Its always "I love my boo" "So in love with my bf" things like that. its funny how quickly she falls in love with someone lol.

I struggle with that; I feel like I'm missing out, as I've never had a girlfriend. Then I remind myself that having a girlfriend just to have one would be pointless.