Basically-boys Walk In And Out-single Right Now love stories have been very interesting. I have had guy friends alllll my life. I consider guys who are interested in me fall into two categories: They want to kiss me or be my friend. Not date me.
I have some guys who significantly stand out. (first letter only! lol)
First of all, I consider myself to be an attractive person, who just falls for the wrong guy. Every. single. time. lol. Anyways:
G: we became friends when I moved to a different city-I started liking him at the beginning of high school. No go there-stayed single pretty much my whole entire plight of high school while my friends had two or three boyfriends. Looking back, it would have never worked anyways. Although...G lead me to T when I was a junior in high school...
T: Oh T...we were so physically compatible. He was actually a good friend of G. (oops) but he was my first kiss and all. However, I was still very shy from middle school, and had a hard time connecting emotionally. We saw each other two times and talked some, but he gave up eventually.
M: M was introduced to me the summer before high school. We hit it off, having a lot of fun. But, the relationship was going to go nowhere since I would be off to college next year and he would be staying behind. We remained friends.

Senior year was uneventful.
College...Oh man...
Had a couple of guys I kissed-nothing significant
T: (Same T) started to me message me A LOT and I thought we might start something when ...
Another G came along (not the same G): We met on a rafting trip September of my freshman year. We basically started dating a week after we met. We had some major ups and downs but it was getting so serious we were talking about marriage! When I first met him, I was attracted to him because he was smart, mature, outgoing, all the things I admire (plus he was cute, can't beat that). However, my senior year of college I meet:
J,M,M,D, who where all roommates of G. And they all had the same: mature, outgoing, moral, and smart. Uh oh. But, I would never ever start something without ending the other thing. And besides, G and I connected on a level I knew that the others could not. But G started becoming NOT outgoing, and NOT mature. Eventually, it became too much. And one of the M's I was really attracted too. Speaking of M he gets his own category even tho..
M: religious, smart, outgoing, moral, awesome. Sounds compatible right? Well I am not really too religious, and M's biggest dealbreakers is a girl not being religious. I know I should not take it personally, it just seemed like 1 rejection in a long line of rejections. He says he is not compatible with me. I understand that. I did not even like him THAT much. Just seems odd that he would do some things that would indicate interest (come to my graduation, talk to me about G all the time to make me feel better, friend my mom on FB!?)

Anyways, I also have this guy friend named E that has recently told me he liked me. Personally, we could talk for hours, but there is no physical connection there. :( sad. That is why I am writing in the singles area: Because I feel like I am going after the wrong guys. Help! lol. I used to think because I was not pretty, but lately guys (even M) are like, your so pretty without me even saying anything. Great, all the guys who think I am pretty won't date me for one reason or another (religious views, like someone else) and all the guys I connect with emotionally only think I am cute or okay. Anyone else have these problems/issues?
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ha! Well I did not want to use real names and I was lazy to change them to fake names. Maybe this weekend I will go back and give them all fake names. Hopefully that will be easier to read!

Great story....but i have to stop half way...too many alphabets!!:) Anyway...well done, dear!

It's okay, need to change them. It just me, slow in understanding the whole story.:)