Story #70 Guys Like This Are The Reason So Many Women Choose To Remain Single

This morning I went to my granddaughter's house to take care of her dog and cat while she is away for the long weekend. Before heading home, I decided to go and do some grocery shopping. Then I went to catch a bus home.

The bus was very late and when it got there it was so very crowded I wasn't sure I'd get a seat. But a very kind gentleman got up and freed up a seat for me. Before I got a chance to sit in it a young fellow, maybe in his mid 20s, sat right down in it. The man who had given up his seat for me, told the younger man to get up and relinquish the seat for its intended recipient. So he got up and I sat down.

Now this young man was so very antsy. Jumpy and agitated. He kept urging the bus driver to go faster and don't stop for the people who were waiting for the bus. He said "You were so late! Now I know why, you are just slow." The bus driver calmly explained that he was late because the bus before him had broken down and that he had picked up all of those passengers. In fact, he wasn't late at all, but the previous bus just never got there and he was doing double duty.

The young man still kept urging him to hurry, because he was late to meet someone he was supposed to go to a movie with. The bus driver said "Well, maybe she won't mind going to a later movie, she will probably wait for you." To which thisĀ  charming young man replied that this wasn't a girl he was meeting, but his buddy

and he doesn't like keeping his buddies waiting MAN. "I don't care if I am late for a date with a girl. They can just wait or f--- off, I keep them waiting all the time. I don't care. But this is my Buddy, Man. Hurry up, Man"

Yah, men like him are the reason so many women are opting for the single life.

Now, for those men out there who are NOT like him, please don't take offense. This isn't aimed at you. But, at those who have this attitude toward dating. I am sure that there are plenty of very inconsiderate women who are the reason why so many men are choosing the single life, too. It just happened that it was a man I saw today.


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That man is **** I will make sure not to be like him at all

that was cause he was what you said he was ,a anger boy :( not a young man :( & he also has no respect for women either :( , >>"I don't care if I am late for a date with a girl. They can just wait or f--- off .poor kid :( he'll learn one of theses days :)

Unless he gets off the drugs, he won't learn a thing.

you are so Right ;-( he sureee the hell won't ;-((

Sounds to me this man is a creep and stuiped not just in dating but in life as well

I agree. He isn't a man I would want to get to know. I'm so glad he isn't my kid.

I dont wish anyone a kid like that

Me neither, but he must be someone's son.

Somebody raised him to be that way. Or at the very least, they let him turn out that way. Just because it's on The Jersey Shore or The Kardashians doesn't make it the way that real people should be. One of a parent's many jobs is to make sure the kid understands that.

This kid will maybe someday get tired of being fired from every job. Maybe he'll even tire of only getting women with absolutely no self esteem. Maybe.

Maybe he will learn some self respect. If he does, then maybe he will be able to respect others.

What is Jersey Shore? I've heard about it and the Kardashians, but never saw either of them.

He may not have been be raised by parents (this is not his fault )... . his parents may be drug addicts (thats not his fault ) they could be alcoholics (thats not his fault ) he may watch his dad beat him up and may have done so for a young young theirfore he thinks this is right (this is not his fault)

*dad beat his mum up .. sorry for the error

Why should he give up the seat for you? lol jk I would've given it up for you as well. Maybe the kid was high on something. Plus, if he wanted to get to the movies quicker, he should've hailed a taxi instead.

Oh, he was definitely high on something, and HE did not give up his seat for me.... the older gentleman did, and this kid shoved in ahead of me and jumped into it. He was so jittery and loud and rude with the driver, and nasty about how it was with him and girlfriends. He was also very foul-mouthed and there were a lot of children on the bus because it was a warm beautiful sunny summer day. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of nasty foul-mouthed women around as well, just that he is the one I ran into that day.

I'd like to think that he is in the very small minority. I think overall, people are good and look out for women who are strangers; men in particular.

Oh, he is definitely NOT the typical gentleman. He was just the most striking event of my day. There were a couple dozen other young people (girls and boys) on that same bus, and they were unnoticeable because they were well behaved and courteous. You always notice the loud obnoxious rude ones first.

That is why they are loud and obnoxious, b/c they want to get noticed. This story brings up an interesting point with women's equality. I personally subscribe to the situation of if 99 women out of 100 bitched at me for opening up their door, but 1 out of the 100 was appreciative, I'd still do it 100 times out of 100. BUT, these days, certain women want equality in certain situations. It's a dicey affair :)

Just so you know, I wasn't looking for a seat. I am quite sturdy and can stand on my own two feet, but when a kind person stands up and says here, take my seat, I thank them and sit. I feel it would be ungracious to say no, when it is obvious they are wishing to be kind. The problem began when this kid shoved me aside to take the seat the gentleman had vacated FOR me.

Yea I hear you, that was inappropriate and uncalled for. In a Utopian society, several people would beat his ***, but as it stands today, only rarely does someone step in. Sad state of affairs unfortunately.

It was a single sour note in an otherwise pleasant day.

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You know there aren't many guys that choose to be single, I mean there are some but it's mainly woman who choose this. I have heard of some guys saying that they don't want to get married again but I haven't ran into too many guys that want to be single and stay that way. And you are right there are some really bad women out there just like there are men.

I see them all the time, and all ages. Some people are just rude and nasty.

People do not value the meaning of patience and manners, or when they do it is only when it suits them, it's a pity that people do not seem to understand such concepts.

He was far too high to even care about such concepts.

I am sorry you were witness to such rudeness and bad language.

Yeah, I posted the link to this story, because it related to the question you asked. He certainly sounds like a misogynist, don't you think?

Nice...... Thank you for sharing...... People who keep other people waiting because they can are selfish and have on respect for others.....

Thanks. He is not a great example of manners and consideration.

It's probably better for the jerks to make it obvious so you can steer clear of them or proceed at your own risk. It's much more heartbreaking when you think you're dating a nice guy (or consciously date a guy because of his reputation as a "nice" guy) only to find out that it's an act.

That's true. I dated a guy who appeared to be such a gentleman. He was actually a sociopath who threatened to murder all 4 of my kids if I didn't give them up for adoption because they needed too much of my attention; attention that rightfully belong to him as my *man* I ran 400 miles and hid for 2 1/2 years.

And so say all of us :)

:) Thanks

Very Good story.I enjoyed it.

Thank you.

Thats NO Man !<br />
Sounds like he was high on something or just a complete fool thats hyperactive.

Yes to both. He was high on something, and hyperactive. Rude, inconsiderate. And a fool. You're right, he's NO man. On the other hand, we don't want to call him an animal, that would be an insult to almost any animal we might name.

Too bad most females believe that showing late for dates is just what is expected. The male is expected to show up on time and wait because that is the way it is supposed to work.

Did you read as far as the last paragraph? The one where I said this very thing???

Yeah too bad that is not the reason I am single. Some men, like me for example, are born losers who no matter what could not get any female. So I go around making life hard on others till I kill myself.

I'm sorry. I have no idea how to respond to this.

Don't worry about it.

Okay, then.

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This resembles something my mother told me yesterday. <br />
My mother is sick with cancer, and recently tripped and broke her leg as a result of the fall. You can imagine that, she may not be the quickest moving person because of her circumstance.<br />
Anyhow, she went grocery shopping yesterday. While at the checkout line (as she laid out her groceries), some antsy guy behind her grew impatient and deliberately and forcefully rammed his cart into my mother. This guy is lucky I wasn't with my mother because (i do take her shopping on days she is not feeling well), I would have compacted him into his cart and I wouldn't really care what my end result would have been. She loudly (and publicly) called him out on it (no apology or aknowledgement from him either), and no one there said anything to this assh*le.<br />
Like I said, he is very lucky I wasn't there.

what a jackass! i hope i catch a SOB doing that to anyone, especially a lady not in the best of health. he'd better hope it ended with just a tongue lashing!

We have the power to bring a little heaven into the lives of others every day. In essence, show him or her that you care about them and are interested in may be suprized........... ;-)

I would be surprised. Yes. This guy was not in any condition for anyone to be showing any kindness. He was flying high on something and the bus driver tried to be kind but got nothing but abuse for his efforts. What would you have a person do, cuddle the little cockroach? No thanks. You cuddle him.

people today have no understanding of repsect it is a give me world or a iw ant world and it is my right to take it<br />
<br />
not all men are like that i am not

Well, no of course not all men are like that. Actually, I think there are a lot more who are decent. But they aren't as noticeable. They aren't at the front of the bus yelling at the driver saying that girls can F--- off. They are sitting quietly with the girls they respect.

I wouldn't call him a man at all I would say he's very childish and disrespectful and clearly was brought up wrong...

I wouldn't be inclined to disagree with you. I think he was seriously unlikable, but I am not prepared to blame it all on his parents. I had great parents, and I have a sister who is so awful.

Great story! It's a shame that the old saying is true.... one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. <br />
But while i'm stirring around in the bunch, i'll toss aside the spoiled one. ;)

He was................something. I'll say that. Not something I'd want to be around for too long.

Don't you sometimes wish you could spay or neuter obnoxious and stupid people?

What I like even better is going to the site and reading about them. And that makes me one of the reasons so many men stay single. LOL!!

as antsy as this guy was, i wonder if he wasn't on drugs? and yes, i think alot of women would rather be alone that to be with someone so rude and inconsiderate. good story :)

Yes, drugs..... side note..... he was wearing a tee shirt that said

** SMOKING POT CAN LEAD TO..................UMMMMMMMM...................I FORGET **

So he may have been on drugs, but definitely not on pot. He was way to shuddery for that. More like some kind of amphetamine, maybe.

thats what i was thinking also, speed, meth, something like that. another type of guy to steer clear from, a drug user.

Steering clear is an excellent idea. Thanks for reading and commenting.