Yes, I Am Still Single.

Every time my grandmother sees me she want's to know if I am still single.. Yes granny.... no wedding yet! *have to shout, she cant hear very well, the memory's also not to good anymore - and yet, she NEVER forgets to ask*

If she only knew that I want to be like her. She married only once, and when my grandfather died she never looked at another man.   Granny, I have been searching for the man I could be with for the rest of my life, but they just don't make them the way they used to!  
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milady<br />
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good for you. you have found the headspace that makes you feel good,<br />
<br />
i am impressed.<br />
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nice to see you back, strangeone!

It's like I said my dearest JP, I am no longer searching. I am pretty content with my current arrangement, I have never been more happy then I am now. It's extremely gratifying to finally live with someone that understands me and love me for me...... ME. hie hie hie.

Dear Kinkitty & Ladies of EP:<br />
I do believe in fairy tales and happy endings. There are many wonderful men out there just waiting for a woman like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
As I have stated many times before, we attract people to us based upon how we feel about ourselves. Love yourself first. <br />
One other thought, analyze where and how you search for a man. As I ponder this aspect, I think it will be the basis of my next story.

Wish my family was so understanding. They are driving me crazy! LOL

I hear that it comes when you decide to give up.

here's what I did .... hie hie hie ..... I just gave up ... if it comes, good, if it doesn't good, I am beginning to love my single life.

lol - ok I guess it doesn't make you happy then. I have been praying for four years now and nada. What can I do but keep praying?

try 34 and still waiting LOL

If it makes you feel better I am turning 29 this year and still waiting to meet my Prince!