Single And Lonely

i'm 40 yrs.and single as can be and i hate it.i've been alone for 2yrs.and it's starting to bring me i going to alone for the rest of my life or will i ever find a woman who will love me for me?i'm a good person would do anything for the person i'm with and my friends but i always get ****** in the end.i'mthe one who gets hurt or is t just meant or me to be alone???
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36-40, F
2 Responses Dec 19, 2011

i'm trying to keep my head but it's getting hard to do that to.i'm a single gay mom in a small town.what more could i ask for?

Although I am just beginning my singleness, it's only been 6mo. I am starting to fell the same way. I feel just like you do, I wonder if I will be post the same message in a few years. Try to keep your head up, sometimes us guys sabotage ourselves when we get desparate, women sense that. Do your best to keep your confidence up!