I really can't believe people! I guess I shouldn't be shocked but people still amaze me. So I started talking to this chick on EP and I said hey lets get to know each other, she says OK. So we kind of go back and fourth asking questions. I told her if at any time you are uncomfortable or don't like where this is going please be honest and tell me, don't just disappear. Her response " Oh yes I completely know how you feel. So we continue to tallk and then all of the sudden without notice she stops talking to me and then removes me from her friend list. I mean when someone says be honest with me and then agrees i kind of take it at face value, I guess that just doesn't mean ****!
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Im sorry to hear that, I totally undertand how u feel cause I've been that.<br />
Sometimes u just feel like to find someone to talk w/ for no reason, u thought u 2 had a nice talk but this person just show out to be not that nice as u thought.<br />
There r still nice ppl on EP I believe.<br />
: )

I am sure there are Ive just had a stroke of bad luck! Thanks for your comment.

No problem. Anytime :)