I Will Wait For Him

Free single and disengaged, sound like fun huh, but not for me...I have been single my whole life and i have achieved a lot...but what are good are things where the only one there to enjoy it is you....you wake up lonely...go to bed lonely...of course i have family i can spend time with but there comes a time in your life that you just know that  you need that special someone to come to your life....to share the good and the bad times...A friend..a companion..A lover...someone to bring light into the lonely corner of your world that your life has come to. someone to laugh and love with...Share your dream and fantasies with...go for long walk and quiet dinners with...yes i can come and go as i please with no one can stop me, but that freedom has lost its 'lustre a long time ago.... But i serve a marvelous God and i know he cares about me and my happiness so i wait upon him and i know he never disappoints...!!!!!
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1 Response Jan 8, 2012

true but don't just 'settle', wait on the Lord