Single 4 Ever

Well, i think i should be a single because
a) i will have my heart broken eventually, and i hate that
b) if i fell in love i will not think of anything else except of him so this will have serious effects at my marks and friands
c) i think that when a friend always wants to talk for him and that's annoying so i don't want to do this to anyone. I don't hate tham that much to make them suffer.
d) boys at my age (14) are so morrons and immature and idiots that i can't even think of these guys.
e) i can't think of owing to someone. You know, when you are in a relathionship you belong to somebody else (and he belongs to you, but that's a long story so we just keep that i belong to someone)
So these are my 5 good ol' reasons I DIDN'T DATE, I DON'T DATE, AND I'LL NEVER DATE IN THE CLOSE FUTURE!
I think ill find a job first and then date/get married/have children/ hae grandchildren....LOL.
VayaKilljoy VayaKilljoy
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2012