I Have Friends Who I Go To The Gymnasium With...

Tonight we all went together to the gym downstairs from the halls we all live in. It's a small gym, but it is well-equipped. There were five of us, Manon and me the girls, and the guys. Richard, Jean-Claude and Pierre.

I sat on one of the three exercise bikes to begin with, for ten minutes, and I was joined by Richard. There was a competitive air to the way we exercised, and I worked up a sweat! I was wearing a pale blue cotton singlet with white gym panties (these are like boyshorts, but made with polyestre and cotton, with a cotton gusset between my legs, for absorbancie), and my Adidas shoes. So when I got off the bike he teased me a little because my nipples had noticeably hardened, and my panties were wet!

We were working on legs and back, so we went to the leg press machine after the bikes. Richard was effectively working out with me for the moment. Obviously, he kept altering the weight we were working with because he was trying to build rather than tone. He remarked on how many repetitions I was doing, and how I was working up quite a sweat. Leg press, kickouts, legcurls, and calves extensions. He kept on about my hard nipples!

All five of us joined up when it came to working our backs. The repartee was excellent, and the teasing continued, for Manon and me, from all three of the guys. It was a fluid workout, we got into it really easily. I used to train with Johan, every day. Now, its with these friends.
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2 Responses Apr 9, 2012

ha ha ha its awesome :))

Haha love to meet this fella that was teasing you about your hard nipple lol Do you work out with them everyday ??

Well, Manon and I workout together often. The guys now and then.