Seeking? Hopeful?

I may have to face up to the possibility that I will be lone n single when I die; at age 54-tis a possibility. Thru my life-I've hungered and grasped n uearned for those I couldn't have-while those who would have me-I either chickened out or was disinterested. Still I continue to search n hope-but? What is the heck wrong wth me?
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

I don't really deal with it very well on an emotional level. On a practical level I look after myself, have no debts, feed myself etc but emotionally I feel very low and alone a lot of the time. I go out and socialise at reading groups, writing groups etc, but always feel that I am moving the deck chairs on the Titanic and that at the centre of my life, where there should be love and fulfilment, there is complete emptiness. However, I am determined to keep pushing myself to go out and meet people, because otherwise it would be even lonelier.

I am also 54 and in the same position. Till a year or so ago I was still hopeful that I would meet someone to settle down with, but I have started to think that this may well not happen. It is a scary and lonely prospect that I might go my whole life without what most other people take for granted-a partner to share life with. I also wonder what is wrong with me-am I ugly, boring, too intense, too intelligent, not intense enough, or what? Should I settle for someone I don't love in order not to be alone anymore? <br />
It is sad how so many people who have so much love to offer end up alone and lonely. Snd don't you just hate it when people say to you that being single is fulfilling?