My Friend Changed

i have this friend that's a chick, shes not too pretty and a Lil overweight but she was always happy and outgoing, after her first year of college she had her first boyfriend, when she came home for the summer she was completely different, the weight she lost in our senior year of high school she gained back twice as much, now all she wants to do is lay around eat and do nothing, she use to be occasionally depressed because no guy actually liked her more than a friend and now that she has a boyfriend it seams like she gave up trying to improve herself and is letting herself go, any thoughts?
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I must say happiness and confidence are far more attractive than aesthetics. Ok so being overweight is not ideal for the health but if she's happy then you should be happy for her surely, if you are a true friend. Maybe you are a little jealous that your friend, who you consider to be less that pretty and a bit overweight, has got a boyfriend?<br />
I'm not criticising you but perhaps you could try and focus on the positives this girl has and the positives of being her friend. Then maybe later on you could introduce the idea of getting fit and healthy eating as something you could both do together that would be mutually beneficial. You could even include her boyfriend in this? If you two get on ok.