How Do You Find A Girlfriend When You Can't Talk To Women

I've been single now for about seven years and its really doing my head in.
I see all my friends having relationship after relationship most of the never satisfied with just one women it sickens me.
I lack confidence but only when talking to women any other time I'm fine like I love karaoke I'm the first one to go up the it doesn't bother me
Its very weird?
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6 Responses May 7, 2012

When you talk to a woman one of the first things she asks is what you do for a living? Thing is a) I've never been proud enough to answer that question truthfully because they'll just run away REAL fast if I do and b) that's like if I ask them "are those real?". I'd be (rightly) CRUCIFIED by society for asking that question, but i the woman asking how much she makes is perfectly OK.

I hate talking to People face to face. Online I feel I can be that outgoing person. It's strange. I'm more typative than talkative.

lol typative

Sorry Holden I left you out and with a name like that I take it you like Kevin Smith films???? I do do all that you said Every day women don't bother me its just women I fancy the presher is so intencse I just fall to pieces. My main problem is my weight I hate my self so I don't see how anyone esles could like me when I don't like my self : (

There's no such thing as a problem if there is a solution. If ya' don't like something about yourself, change it! I'm sure you've got the motivation to do it.

Pressure sucks but it's just something you've gotta learn to deal with, like I said just try simple stuff. :)

and hell yeah, can't go wrong with Kevin Smith!

I do try and take to people online but it alway seems like its me asking the questions and them just answering them so I aways feels like there not intrested.

Just chat to us on EP or other internet sites :) I hate talking to people in person too but its easy on-line :)

Alcohol! Haha!<br />
<br />
But all jokes aside, I think it's just the first few steps that are scary. I think you'd be best to just try and talk to women at every chance you get, I mean every chance and I mean all women. Start off with ones you're comfortable with, like friends and co-workers. Work up your conversation from simple stuff like how they're/you're doing, the weather and maybe throw in some stuff you heard off the news. Just build it up man, there's no rush and this should help build some confidence around women. Then once you feel you have the confidence, talk to some complete strangers like women on buses, trains, in stores or wherever you find people. DON'T jump straight to the flirting though, just build up your confidence and the rest should follow.<br />
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Good luck my man, I've been through this a few times. :)