I Like Being Single

Being single isn't bad you can do everything. Noo guy tell you or ask where you are , kiss anyone , u have noone holding you back. I agree I'm alone and jelous of couples butsingles better
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i agree.

You are right, being single is not bad. I am now single, after being married for almost 25 years. I have not dated yet, but I am happy. I can come home from work without dreading the inevitable complaints and demands, just relax. Go to bed when I want, watch what I want on tv, make my own financial decisions. I am really enjoying it, for now anyway.

U like to have fun being single? Lol

Thanks eberyone for the comments ! Makes me think more thst singles ok!

More freedom for sure

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but being a young lady - you shouldn't be figuratively tied down anyway. Go enjoy life, kiss a million people and maybe one day you'll opt to settle down. Until then, go crazy :)

I really agree with you here. I had a boyfriend for four years and he was controlling and mean to me all the time. I decided i wanted to be single for a good amount of time and no one gets why i like being alone. But i dont mind it at all. Theres alot of good things that come from being single :)