Yes....I am single . It's amazing how we define single myself included to not being in a relationship with someone....which is TRUE. I've known also that people coupled, married can be just as single.
Yet to be better state....its very good that we first learn to be whole and complete within ourselves....before we look for or match ourselves with a compatible soulmate.
But in keeping with this group...I am single, have been for 30 years now& I'm only 30.
I've never dated anyone....I'm want too...I'm hoping to find that sensible, faithful, committed Christian man. That's just some of the basics...I do have a few preferences...but I also feel that I want to wait for true love. I'm romantic, sensitive..type& I don't want to bounce in and out of relationships with various i am continually being hopeful. Wanting to be with someone for me...isn't that I'm not content with being single,on the is a growth time. I'm learning about myself more& bettering myself...but i am looking forward to being loved& held&admired by my one prince.
But until then....I am single

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1 Response May 10, 2012

One thing I would say is that there is something to be said to have tried a few relationships ahead of "the one," so that you may fully appreciate what/who you've been blessed with. Stay on course or follow my advice, its up to you... only a thought.