Very Much So N Love It! ...

Very much so n love it!

No need to stress out about getting ready for certain times, changing all plans so able to spend time with everyone!

Just totally stress free, i love the fact if i cant be bothered shaving my legs or dressing making myself feel pretty i don't have to i can slob about the house in trackies n hoodies!! Oh look i am now!!!

Ahhhhhhh The bliss!
sazead sazead
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5 Responses Apr 9, 2007

Sure does have its advantages

Like the cat.

I like having the control. I don't have to change my routines for anyone. And I don't have to worry about what's "grown up" and what's not . Relationships stress me out, really. My paranoia is so bad, that even though I'm quite the social butterfly, when it comes to group settings, get me alone with a guy, and i'm all freaked out now. <br />
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I'm right there with ya, Sista! -high five- Let's enjoy being single!

I love this story. <br />
<br />
The first thing I do when I get home is kick off my shoes, remove the bra, get into something totally comfy and relax. Cook if I want to, or just have a salad. Shower before bed if I feel like it., or wait till morning. Totally my place. Nice. And the remote control?????? Mine....all mine...bwahahahahaha

oh my! it has become more of my experience that I spend MUCH more time making myself pretty, shaving and being ready for a moment's notice when a date and fun springs up. when I was "married" and HAD my partner....that is when there was more time for wearing the comfty sweats and not having to dress up as much...nights spent inside together....ahhhhhh wonderful for both of us!