Can't Decide

I'm single...I have been for most of my life. I date here and there but nothing serious (obvisouly). I can't decide if I like being single or not. I'm glad to not have the problems that seems to come with dating but then sometimes I wish I had someone ya know.
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I used to be this way. Yknow. Kind of just flout around, go on a few dates, but nothing really ever clicked. After I met current my boyfriend the way I did (True side story: It was at a party, one of my friends invited me to come, and it was actually kind of like a set up so I could meet this guy [who also happened to be her ex] and basically what happened was, he was drunk, he got in my face, and started insulting me for no reason, his exact words "YOU'RE AWKWARD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" and I basically hated him.), anyway, after I met him the way I did and how everything played out, and how everything has been going, you meet the people your supposed to be with by chance, not by choice. Of course, it's your choice to date whomever you want when that opportunity occurs, but if it's something that's seriously supposed to happen, it won't be a thing that you can help. After everything my boyfriend have been through (currently in a long distance relationship-really weird fights, trust barriers, ect.) and us still being a really strong team as both a couple and as best friends, I really do believe that the right person comes when it's least expected and when you're not looking. Put yourself out there, but not in the desperate kind of way, in a way that's like "It would be nice to have someone, but I'm still happy on my own". You'll find someone when the time is right. :)

i can never decide, i know my parents will never approve, i sometimes think i will have to wait for parents to die because then i will not have to worry about their disapproval for everything i do, they never had any faith in me and i could not reach out to anyone in my life

You should never feel alone, someone has always got your back! Family, friends anyone you no really. But someone out there is your PERFECT match, you just have to be open to finding him. I hope this advice works and I pray you use it.

I definitely know what you mean. I feel the same way. Also, sometimes when i find a guy i like either hes taken already or he just doesn't see me that way. Then the ones that do< i can't bring myself to like them in that way lol. What a cycle! I like just dating but sometimes there is that lonely rainy day you wish you had your special person to cuddle with.