Money Can't Buy Me Love

I am single. It seems like it's not good enough to just be a nice guy anymore. You have to have a car and money and material things. I have nothing to offer a girl but my heart. I know that sounds stupid but it's true. Love is all I can give.

I'll give you all I've got to give
If you say you love me too
I may not have a lot to give
but what I've got I'll give to you

Lyrics from the song: Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles
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I totally agree with you!! you have written everything I wanted to before but I didn't know how

Man I'm glad I could do that :) Most of the time I feel like I'm the one who doesn't know how to say what I feel

If i could tell you for what I've been thru you would be amazed in how I've became stronger

You'll find the right one when you least expect it.

I love the lyrics to that song.
But hey, I know it's hard for you, but try to enjoy while you're still single! You are still young and you WILL find someone, sooner or later. Do not look for the right one, be the right one for someone. Forget about materialistic. You want a car? It doesn't have to be a Mercedes or a Ferrari or something. You don't have to give them fancy gifts or something. Nice little gestures are appreciated.
Good luck and take care!

I think it's defiantly better to have a man who gives his heart more than his money. A million times better. ❤️❤️

honestly, id rather have a nice guy with nothing than an over materialized guy who's a douchebag. There should be more of you around[: youd be surprised of how many girls appreciate it

All you need to do is try and then you'll truly be miserable, all the yes and no. Friends are better.. not normal friends.

For a nice girl that kind of stuff doesn't matter. As long as you're a sweet, friendly, gentleman you'll find a great girl I'm sure:)

Love is enough to give. If a girl is looking for more then she doesnt deserve you honestly. True love is about the person and how that person makes you feel etc... You want a person that will bring out the best in you, not a girl that will make you take out your wallet :)

Being nice is good enough and one day you will find love. You just have to wait for someone to see that u r special

Ik how you feel, feeling like you need to have material everything just to find 'love' but trust me, one day your princess shall come, and she will be exactly what you want. (I'm starting to think my prince got hit by a bus.... :P could b a bit of a problem XD) and, don't worry. It'll all turn out. Somehow everything shall fall into place :)

Aw dude you seen sweet and I'm sure you will find the one soon. Love always comes when you least expect it :)

Thanks :) I hope so..

buddy, a lot of us have been there..ask your sister..a couple female cousins..a couple good female tell you seriously why girls don't look at you as the big man on campus..a true friend will tell you..could be you need a couple things..different hair style..clothes..and what I need a edge, confidence, sometimes being "nice" is exactley that nice...nice guys.have no edge..they become welcome dont need a lot of do need a car..doesnt have to be brand new or 40,000...a lot of girls your age.,..dont want to hear the word when you do start dating..again..and you you..but find that line..where being nice is good to a point...but be a lil mysterious..about your time where you been..what you do..forget the mushy stuff..its good if your quick man with a plan...maybe even a lil sarcastic..cocky..not to much...but ask any girls...I had one friend who dressed like homer simpson the last 20 years..he was a fireman wannabe..always wore fire t-shirts jeans and workboots..even in the dead of summer...looked like a complete TOOL...his teeth were as yellow as a freaking ear of corn..never trimmed his I told him right out..dont ask the question if you dont want to hear the answer..put him right front $150 whiten your teeth...lose the ball shirts.... blue and black t-shirts..go to JC Penny buy some nice button down.collared shirts,different colors..shorts.. kakhies..(spelling) sneakers..have a girl..go with you.... use mouthwash..chew gum brust your some colgne.. Now im not saying thats you..but that was him..keep extra clothes..grooming gear in the car..mouthwash toothpaste...

Hey thanks a lot for the advice. This was definitely helpful. :)

Rock on Def leppard rules..Power is knowledge..knowledge is power good luck! let me if any of worked! be postive! no likes depression danny.

Lol! Cracking over the excessive mention of his nasty teeth. "Yellow as corn on the cob!"
It's late and my fiancé just fell asleep and I tried so hard but I spat out a huge laugh!!!
I'm trying so hard not to laugh!
The way your describing your friend like a down right slob and disgrace to life!!
If t

Ok need to compose myself! I was gunna write more but I'm gunna bust out laughing!


That is nasty.
I need to come back to this one

Ok it's the next day and I got the "worst" of my laughing out.

Yeah, yellow teeth is the worst when you actually can see the Plaque chilling there on the teeth! Even worse a yellow tongue!! 😱😁🚨
A girl I knew in high school always had RANCID breath. I noticed one day her tongue was yellow.
Then again she probably had a medical condition...

nEWAY my 2¢ on the issue (although this is an old thread)

Girls in their early twenties are just as horny as guys are despite what they or anyone else says. Well I was at least. Lol
A lot of girls, not all, at that age want to live it up. I think a lot of girls may think they want a nice comfy relationship, but when push comes to shove they want an edgy hot looking dude to f u c them while they're out partying.
Ok it doesn't have to be that extreme, but I don't think most girls at that age consciously choose what's right for us long term.
When their 20's start fading, 30 is just around the corner, and either their biological clock is ticking or the good long term partners are dwindling by that time of the girl hasn't come around she probably never will.
Other girls have psychological issues.
And yadda yadda
But when it all boils down you just have to stay confident and it's true what they say, " when you stop looking for love, that's when you find it."
I guess it's focusing on something else.

Allright my 2¢ ended up being 100,000,000£ that can't be spent here (if you are from the U.S.) lol


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