Things I Am Sick Of Hearing As A Single Woman...

"You will find the one when you least expect it"

"When you stop looking, you will find someone"

"But single life is so much fun!"

"So do you not want to settle down?"

"Maybe guys just find you intimidating"

"You are way too pretty to be single"

"Maybe you're not putting yourself out there"

"Maybe it's your job"

"Maybe you are giving off the wrong vibes"

"You're just attracted to the wrong people"

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince"

And finally...

"There are plenty of fish in the sea"
SingleInTheCity SingleInTheCity
7 Responses May 15, 2012

Why do people in a relationship always feel they are qualified to give advice? For the most part they aren't evn happy in their relationship.

I am resently divorced. Now all my friends say, now you are living the dream. 40 years old and single is not the dream I am looking for.<br />
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I hear the same crap. You can have sex with multiple partners, nobody to answer to. <br />
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I agree, be a friend, enough of what I can do.

lol the job one is one I have never heard, but it is funny. I can understand, despite my gender. It is funny how many of those one-liners cross genders. :/ I personally hate the scoff and "NO WAY!!!" I really wish people who just tell me the truth.

Oh, and the thing I hate the most is when people say, enjoy being single. I love being single so you should to. everyone is different, with different needs. Everyone has different attachment styles, and different love styles....this is actually called the science of attachment, and a lot of research has been done for decades now. Everyone is in a different stage of their life, and their needs and wants change. So please don't lump us all together. Our needs are not the same as yours, even though I do remember being single and happy with it before my first marriage, but once I had been in a long term committed relationship, this is where I am happiest.

I understand. I really don't want platitudes, but just someone to understand the way I feel, and just listen. Once I hear the platitudes, I know this person is just not someone I would go to anymore to share my problems because you know exactly what they are going to say, and it really does not help. The people who do understand, and can show some compassion of one's pain, are few and far between. So if you find a friend like that...hold onto them because they are a rare jewel. Btw, I am not single, but might as well be classed as such.

I have had most of these comments directed at me so many times that I want to scream whenever anyone comes out with one or more of them.

same problem here................please somebody listen to us.........and please don't give any advise........