why I am single

Help!  I only had one relationship ,   with  a guy I  dont  really love,  I  was with him because  he got  everything  that  many single girls  expect a man to has,  important is  he  was  very  honest to me,   but  I just  dont love  him,  feel   happier after left him,  but  I can't  find  any other guy honest  than him  in  that more  than  3  years.  I  dont  want to end up  my  twenties as single,   want  my next love have me since I am young,   when  we  getting old  we have  memory when we at our best time .

 What  can  I do to  not  go back my  ex ?  I  dont  like  looking for strange guys,   also to me  when  man make first step  more  attractive , and  dont  want   guy   from  bar,  usually lots  man want my number  when i  went to  bar, many  cute  guys there also ,  but  I dont  want  all of  them,    hard to know if  they  want  to  play  or  really into me,   I dont  want my  heart  get  broken . My  heart is  very  easy to  get  broken.
annyok annyok
May 17, 2012