Plain And Simple.. Tired Of It!!!!!!!

I am so tired of dealing with the upsetting let down. He talk to me for a few days and every thing seem like its going good... I feel the some connection and chemistry... Then for some reason :-/ and with out explanation he stops calling and wont return text message.

I am about to give on men all together.... enough said!!!!!!!
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I don’t think the answer is giving up on men. I think the answer is try one out like me who takes a relationship seriously and believes in reciprocation of whatever I get. In other words, if you call me and leave a message, I will call you back, and if you text me, as much as I hate texting, I will at least let you know I got it, and then I will call you. And also, who I claim to be is just who you will find out later I really am and I have nothing to hide, I found out it’s just easier that way and if someone doesn’t like what they find, then I guess they will just have to keep going. Not that I’m opposed to considering changing if someone sees something I don’t, it’s just that I like who I am and the way I live works real well. There are men who are good men you can trust and I know there are women that can be trusted, but for some of us it just takes a little more proof than others to believe it.