Is This Why I'm Single?

I have never had a boyfriend and have never even had some sort of mutual "attraction" with a guy. Or i have never really liked a guy who has felt the same way about me (that I know of). I can't understand what it is that causes my singleness. My girlfriends always bring up the subject of me being single and never having a man in my life and they constantly ask me why that is. The truth is, I have no idea!!  I am well liked by most people i think, and I'm fairly pretty (not being cocky). Sure, some guys will flirt with me but whenever things go beyond flirting, they back off. Maybe it's my lack of flirting skills or my shy personality but you would think even one guy would be able to get past the fact that I'm no tiger, and just try to get to know me. But no, every guy who has ever shown interest in me will soon lose interest after maybe a few weeks. I guess I'm boring. But really????? Are there no guys who find me even the slightest bit fascinating?
On the other side of the spectrum, I embrace my singleness! The fact that I've never had a boyfriend really sets me apart from other young ladies. I once heard that "men don't like the bloom rubbed off", which i suppose means they like a girl who hasn't been with a bunch of guys or in many relationships. I like to think that Im saving everything I have for my future husband, because he's so very worth it (whoever he is). I mean I've never even hald hands with a guy and I've lived nearly two decades already!! This feeling of purity and the thought that not a single male has ever laid a hand on me nor expressed deep feelings towards me, makes me feel so...I don't know...sacred! Does anybody else feel that way? Like everything that I have, my body, my heart, and my love are too special to waste on just any guy. Which I know they are. I wish more girls felt that way about themselves.
But me being human, i naturally long for that sweet embrace or romantic walk in the moonlight. I suppose the cause of my singleness is that maybe people see that I'm not exactly looking for love??
Nadalee16 Nadalee16
1 Response May 19, 2012

If I was one of those guys, I'd want to get to know you and hang out with you and become close the good way :) I'm sure you've got plenty of lovely things about you, so I'm sure you'll find someone soon.