Why Did You Leave Me?

why did you leave me and go away?
when I have so much to tell you...
that you are so special and unique,
that the summer rains and winter sun are no more charming,
enchanting and beautiful is you thaught,
that I love the way you treat me,
I feel so special when I am with you,
that you bring the best out of me,
that your smile mesmerises me,
that you eyes hold me spellbound,
that you thaught excites me and produces waves within,
that I am so lonely without you,
that life has lost its charm without you,
that this world doesn't attract me anymore,
And above all I love you and always have. ..............

engineeringet engineeringet
26-30, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

Hi, how could she not respond to your plaintive cry?

:( no comments...

sweet poetry...so sorry for ya....im sure yu'll find some other one who'll keep yu hapie.....don't lose hope...love will find ya...

thanks...yaa i m sure too...