We Broke Up Today.

I am single. I wasn't a few short hours ago, but now I am. The arguing, the kisses, everythings over.
Today at school, I told my boyfriend to go away jokingly. I guess he took it seriously because he hadn't talked to me all day. We haven't been the same lately. Ever since he went on a student exchange program over a month ago, things seem different. He spent more time with friends than me and the long phone conversations stopped. I was and wasn't shocked that he broke up with me today.
He sent me a message saying that he needed a break. He didn't feel like being in a relationship. I'm honestly heartbroken. A breakup two years earlier caused massive depression for me, and even though he says this is a break, I feel so depressed and alone. The big dance is Friday, which means perfect breakup timing right? I don't feel like going to school, I don't feel like doing anything but crying.
The sad part was that he promised we'd be together for a long time, if not forever. Our five month streak is over. I trusted his word, but it turned to mud. My friends aren't online, everyone's commenting on my changed relationship status and I'm here with tears in my eyes and thoughts rushing through my head too fast to think straight.
I miss him. I don't want a break, I want to be with him. I know we've been arguing a lot lately, but I could change that. All I want is for us to be back to the way we were before. Hours of phone conversations, knowing when the other would be online, hanging out at school. For now, that's over. What else is over? My life.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

You are so young to judge wat is attraction and wat is true love... dont be fall in love, just let the love to find u... if he is not comfortable with u then dont force him to love u... just let him to go freely... if he loves u truly then he will come back for sure..