i am single because i really am as a single is blah blah blah...i already told i am single so what will there be to tell..instead of wasting time reading this why don't you help me find a gf?
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i am from india and you from georgia. still want me to text? i will text and wait for your reply.

I guess the only advice I can give is to talk to more females. I think it is cute when females tell you to stop looking. Too bad all of them forget that they are the pursued. They can stop looking because they are the ones who are pursued.<br />
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So I say go out there and hit on girls. If you show sexual interest you will have a higher chance of finding a GF. If you just wait for one to come along... well you will be waiting for a long time. You have to look that is the way society has set things up.<br />
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If all you do is run around and be friendly. Guess what all the girls will say "I didn't think you were interested".


Single life can be fun, but it also has it's moments. When looking for someone to love you, and someone to hold you, hug you, caress you, and be there for you, I have advice; STOP LOOKING!!! Seriously! Why I say this is because if you throw yourself out there as vunerable, people will take advantage of your good qualitites and use or abuse you. If you want to find a good person, and want to be truely loved and accepted, meet up with email buddies, talk to friends like me, and see how we can support you in your quest for love. It does not take much, but a lottle encouragement goes a long way. I want to help ya, trust me I do, just hang in there and talk to me; have a great day! hugs!

thank you :)