The Advice I Cant Follow.

Writers note!!! OK, well, this is awkward but yea, here goes. 1 is right, 2 is right, 3 is right, 5 I'm not sure about though. This story will remain here so  you can know you're not alone.

Read First! - This is NOT meant to offend ANYONE who has given me advice. I appreciate your words and support and did not ignore your words. I'm not trying to say you're wrong. I'm just designed this way. (Writers Note - I was always stubborn)

1. Stop looking, a watched kettle never boils
Response: After I was dropped by my last online girlfriend, I kept myself busy for 1 3/4 months, then it hit me. Now I can't stop looking.
(Writers Note - I stopped looking and bang, there it was)

2. Just wait. It'll happen in time.
Response: To those who dont need to wait - Everyday is more tortureous then the last.
To those who are waiting - You know how bad it feels.
(Writers Note - Worth the wait though)

3. Dont be lonely. No girl wants to be with a lonely guy.
Response: I cant stop, it hurts too much. But if I find someone who loves me, I wont be lonely.
(Writers Note - Uh, you can be lonely, just don't act lonely)

(Writers Note  - Why didn't I put 4 in again?)

5. You're stil young, enjoy single life while you can.
Response: I dont enjoy single life! I want someone to complete me. Someone I can share my life with. I dont wanna be selfish.
(Writers Note - This is still to be validated)
DGSteele DGSteele
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1 Response May 24, 2012

i know how it feels. my friends often tells me (#2) to just wait; mr. right will come at the right time. but i wanna say out loud "this time is the right time. where is mr.right?" i don't wanna settle for mr. betterthannone

Its awful. Some people have never had to endure suffering, but yet they give advice like it was a first hand experience. What time is better than now? Why not save me while there's stil something to save?