Being Single.

Being single kind of sucks. I mean for me, it only sucks when i hear people bragging about how happy and in-love they are. If no one were to do that to me, i wouldn't really feel anything about being single, because i personally don't really care about the whole "dating" thing. I mean of course, ive had my fair share of guys try to flirt, get my #, etc. but i just don't really care. Im also one of those people that get really shy and nervous, so i end up never really knowing what to say back. I also feel like anytime i get hit on by anyone its a mock/joke. Well, because i don't really find myself very attractive.
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you will eventually find a way to say what you want to say and not feel nervous... either that or you will stop caring about being nervous and again, find a way to say what you want to... it's really hard for some guys to walk up to a girl and say "hey, I like you and I'd like to go out for... " or "hey I really like you and I'd like your phone number"... my advice is to just find what makes you comfortable and go with that :)

Kind of your fault for being single if you turn people down. There is no such thing as love if you haven't dated or known the person before hand.

Sheesh girls have it so easy. Anyway you're too young for love. its lust/infatuation at this point in your life.

she just describe a typical "flirting" scenario from a guys point of view... I'm 26 and still have those same issues, be nice, girls don't have it easy