"Seven Virtues of Singlehood..."

I received this forwarded text message from one of my friends and I just wanna share it to you:

"1. the joy of flirting
2. the thrill of anticipation
3. the freedom of choice
4. the challenge of the chase
5. the gift of guy friends
6. the adoration of self
7. the ease of adventure

... so who said being single sucks?"

I laughed when I read it... Please, let me know what you think...
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Add Dear so i can chase U !!


Pretty good points.

Being single can be a really horrible place but it can be a wonderful place. I think it really depends on where the single person is in their life at any given time.

being single is good but having somebody who loves and cares for one is much better.

high five sister!!

"The gift of guy friends" huh? I wasn't planning on giving up my guy friends if I got into a relationship anyway but oh well... hehehe it's still a good list. Too bad I have kids, so anything to do with freedom is a little out there.

I agree, I'd never give up my guy friends for anyone who wants to date me. Some of them are my bffs!

I know. I just don't get along with girls as well as guys. I'm not good with drama lol.

You don't like talking about dieting, gossip or fashion? Hah. It can feel weird, sometimes. I didn't have hardly any female friends until I was 23. I bet we have a lot in common.

Not really lol. I see the reason to want to be in shape but I see no reason to go on and on about it. Just do what you are going to do(as long as it's still healthy) and let me point out how much better you are looking later. Gossip is just ridiculous. If you aren't willing to say something to the person's face, why say it at all. If you absolutely have to let your opinion out without being asked for it, start a diary. Now fashion. I understand you want to look good but look good by your standards not the latest trend that will change next week lol. Yea I just don't get it lol.

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in some sense your frnd msg is right

but belive me i have stopped feeling all this joy things you mentioned though my friends all they say that i am in much better poistion then their married or engaged life i naver undersand that baout whta problem they r talking is this a problem that some one call you thirce asking have tken your food ,nobody calls me to ask if i am ok or not nobody while having people around you whose cell ringing by their spouse and all i got companys promotional offers about their new ringtones.................

I love being single

1. the joy of flirting

* Not that good at it, either I am to obvious or too ambiguous

2. the thrill of anticipation

Which one?

3. the freedom of choice

Haven't had a choice in years

4. the challenge of the chase

I'd rather die then chase

5. the gift of guy friends

80% of them are waiting for a weak moment so they can maybe F me, 15 % is good and taken and 5% is gay

6. the adoration of self

Getting there

7. the ease of adventure

My couch can only be adventurous if I pop a molly. And I don't do drugs.

Glad i read this I needed a pep talk. I was married for 22 yrs. I'm going to enjoy being single I think.

Yes you are going to enjoy it, my friend! For me, right now, Its all about me, the kids and my dogs. I don\'t care that I\'m single, I don\'t need a man to make me happy or complete. I\'m happy alone, or with friends. My life has become so uncomplicated and peaceful. I work hard and come home to my sanctuary. You will be free to do whatever you want. You will be free of criticism and playing mom to a grown man. You will find you again and I know you\'re going to love it.

so great to hear that! you sound great. I know it\'s amazing how uncomplicated things can be. it\'s good to hear from you

I was excited to see your comment! I haven\'t been on the computer much lately, so I\'ve been out of touch with my cyber friends. Life is really nice right now, actually, it\'s so peaceful it\'s strange sometimes. I want you to experience this feeling too. It\'s great to hear from you as well.

Oh, it is true, until you start feeling the lonely streak. It sucks but right now I am single and plan to enjoy it for a while.

I love this. So true. :)

I will venture that being single sucks. Being single with no one with whom you can share your soul with, no one to really call in case of a joyous event or news, not having someone to share the things YOU enjoy. That's an LSI and an LSE... life sucks issue and a life sucks event. Those three letter acronym belongs to me. NO one else may use it. Keep pushing.

I think I would have all of those things if I were married too.

haha that's awesome! and exactly how i feel!

Nice one. That gave me a positive attitude about being single.


Being single rocks!

How about judgement day for every idol word. Women on the most part don't realize that they should listen to their husband as this is the will of God.

Wow Wow Wow Wow. very interesting to have all these thing just because I am single. but I have never thought I am having this

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I was missing being in a relationship!! But this list just reminded me why I'm single......and how much more fun it is!!

thank you .well, it ease up my upsetting emotions.

Funny enough, when I was in a relationship, I thought it would be terrible being single-lonely nights, no insta date for Friday/Saturday nights. I thought it would be awful. However, for the past month and half I have developed really strong relationships with my friends-no longer do I feel guilty going out with just my friends, or talking to my guy friends. I have also learned a lot of things I would have never learned about myself. Your guy friends that you would never date usually have a lot of perspective that they can't share when your in a relationship. I think another one is "The thrill of being able to answer to no one but yourself"-that means you can pretty much do what you want (who is going to question you staying up until 3 am reading that trashy romance novel. Haha) I find it so often when I am with a guy I have to give up two things: being able to have my alone time, and my friends. I am sure in the next 6 months I will be about to the point where I will get tired of trying to find a movie partner (but for now, going to the movies alone is not so bad. No one to eat your popcorn, fight over the movie choice, talk your ears off, or try and force you to cuddle with them in those uncomfy theater seats). I love #4-ever since I got my confidence back it's going to be exciting to see where my life leads me.

There are pros and cons in being single and in being in a relationship. I think the key is to be happy in whatever situation you're in. The grass isn't always greener.

haha funny but true.. loved it!

When i was in a relationship i missed being single....<br />
And now that i am single i miss being in a relationship

awesome story.....It made me appreciate being single


yah!...that was so true!!!....single is fun!

Thank you for reminding me there are positives about being single

Since I need to keep reminding myself that being single doesn't mean there's something wrong with me... Thank you for my new 7 commandments of singledom!

I love that!!!<br />
I really like number 5.. I have a lot of guy friends.. and when I was dating, my friends and I sort of drifted apart. Sad :( But.. now we're golden :)

thats so funny and so true.. being single actually isnt that bad but i have to keep reminding myself of that! lol thanks for the little reminder!

You laughed; I cried! Oh, how I remember those " good ol days "! WWAAAHHHHHHH!!