I Want To Find Something Real

I'm so tired of searching for someone genuine and good hearted. I just want someone to truley care about the person that I am and not how I look or about tryin to get in my pants. I've become so standoffish when out in public that I probably appear unapproachable. I feel as though I need to keep my guard up so that I dont get hurt or left feeling weak n helpless.
BayLove BayLove 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 10, 2012

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have you ever lost something, looked for it everywhere in the house, not found it, and the next when you had forgotten about it, you suddenly ran into it? Love is that type of thing, it knocks on your door when you less expect it. Just don't be too unapproachable or you will miss your chances when it comes

I lyk ur analogy. I'll try not dwelling on being single so much, but God does it leave one feeling very lonely.