Someday :P

I am 22 and never had a boyfriend before. I find it okay really.  There is nothing wrong with me, people have asked me out before but I have rejected them and it’s their fault.  If I have just met you how the hell do you expect me to agree on being your girlfriend.  I am sorry but communicating with you for 3 minutes then you asking me out suddenly gives me the impression that you have asked a lot of girls before me, and I don’t want to be with a manwhore.  What kind of a girl would I be if I agreed on going out with those? The easy to get type, the desperate type.

I am expecting to be friends with the other person because by then I would naturally have crush on him and then our relationship would be stronger.  If he of course crushed me back and confessed XD it might take a long time but it’s worth it because a relationship is friendship on fire.

Anyways, I have never been interested in getting into a relationship to be honest. Not until recently, I think as I get older my “I want boyfriend” hormones kick-in o_o but not all the time thankfully.  That rarely happens so yaay.  But I don’t care, I’m waiting as I don’t want to rush things and regret it. 
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U said u r single/ I am single mom live in Canada

I agree with the "nothing wrong" thing :)... are you still waiting?

lol yep

good luck then :) no need to rush anyway.... I agree with waiting for the right person and not lowering your expectations :)

hahaha thnx

you're welcome :)
where are you from?? if you don't mind to tell ;)

Farsi living in Bahrain

I am Lebanese living in Saudi ;)

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am agreeing but if your single then no one can hurt you...if we have someone in our life then we expect a lot love and care from them and if we ddnt get it it wll hurt a lot...because expectations always hurtd....

Thats the best way to do things but sometimes the worst way to

Perhaps you have a too high of expectations. If you lower them just a little bit you might find that people around you aren't that bad. As you are waiting for your perfect prince charming you might miss out. Don't forget, like a gallon of milk you are only getting older and more sour as you age. Get off your high horse down to earth :)

Noooo, this is wrong when people lower their expectations and settle for less. There are millions and millions of guys on this planet, I am sure there is someone for me without me having to lower anything. I don't really have high expectations, I have normal expectations.

I have never had a girlfriend before

We're on the same boat and I'm going to be 20 next year and still no boyfriend but I'm still happy being single. I agree with you that we should not rush things, we should be patient.

I'm a shy and laid back guy who doesn't really feel comfortable asking girls out who I've just met for the very reasons you describe. I don't want to be a guy who is chasing every pretty girl that goes past him. But at the same time, my relationships were few and far between and countless friends have been telling me if I meet someone I like just ask them out. And I guess what I have to remember, and this may help your perspective, is asking someone to meet for coffee is a very low pressure situation. It's a way to actually get to know someone and get a sense of whether or not you could be friends. I think dating and serious dating are two different things. And I don't think you should be in any rush for a relationship, if you're passionate about what you love and friendly towards those you meet, you will eventually find someone when the time is right.

Stay blessed!!

Absolutely right in doing what you want. I have been chastised too but, I so far it has only been good for me.

Well, I am 23 and I never had a girlfriend. Lol If you ever want to chat hit me up with a message.

It's okay as you plan to marry me and inherent 15 pence!

Yes!!! I am very determined! Then move out to Ditchling

This is a thoughtful piece, but perhaps there are some things you haven't considered. Sometimes, going out with a suave, attractive stranger who you met in class, or at the club, or whatever is the best way to do it. Keep it casual at first. Dating a friend has a plethora of its own cons. Now I'm not saying someone should come up and talk to you for three minutes, but starting a conversation, really connecting and going for it. I don't see any problem for that.

As for whether they're a misogynistic "playah" or an awkward ****-head or an idealistic, whiny self-proclaimed "nice guy", well that's really just a judgment call, and you seem like a bright girl. I'm sure you could weed them out.

That said, that headgear you're sporting doesn't look like a bonnet, and I thought boyfriends weren't quite "halal". So, just curious as I'm not religious, but what's up with that?

I appreciate your comment. Yeah that's just a thought I had and wrote it down. So I might change my mind about it someday and yes it's a bit judgemental but I might not agree with myself or develop a better opinion in the future and I will maybe.

I like it.I can relate to your story, We're the same ^_^

Thank for stopping by :D

Well, we're the same. I'm NBSB too and i kinda like it. :)

thnx for stopping by

Nice to know that there are others like me... i kinda have the same story... 21 but single, although i almost had a girlfriend once but studies kept me occupied. I also hate the idea of going out with some stranger... anyways thnx 4 sharing.

I can relate to this. I don't where you are from or what your backgrounds are, but from your picture you seem to be a muslim (correct me if I'm wrong), and as a muslim woman, the best way to behave in relationship matters is this way. I also think that the guys who ask me out right after we started talking are doing the same with every girl they talk to, trying their chances here and there. I don't want to say yes to a guy just because he got the chance to be with one of the dozen girls he's asking out. I want to know this person and talk to him long enough until I fall in love with his mind and his heart. Because at the end, that's what will lead a relationship, not the physics.

Exactly :D thnx for stopping by

Each of us must find meaning in our lives that allows us to feel we are of value and that our decisions are in alignment with our sense of personal identity. You have chosen a way that does this for you. Being single is not a medical condition nor a crime, therefore it is nobodies fault you are single. Rejoice!

It is partially. Lol thnx for stopping by though.

So hello and nice to meet you, I agree a relationship should be built, people just rush into being 'boyfriend/girlfriend' without getting to know each other.

So......wanna go out? XD
Jk jk of course :)

lol yeahhh they do XD then they complain about being heart broken over EP :s

Hey Baby!! Want a snog??

Want bluewaffles??? ;)))

Ah to be female. Males are not allowed the excuse of "it is their fault" might as well enjoy the double standard. To each their own, personally I find girls who need to be friends first boring. They have no sense of adventure or romance, but to each their own. Granted, I wonder if you would have as big of a crush on a guy if he was your friend and manwhoring around with other females.

And you are welcome to hold yourself back all you want. Only the most pathetic males will play your little game of friendship. I wonder when you will write your story of a broken heart because the man you feel in love with choose some random girl because you dropped him in the friend zone.

Actually I deleted my comment since I don't think it was appropriate but well .. I shouldn't be attacking you for disagreeing with me. But I don't know, you said only the pathetic males will play the friendship games, that can't apply on everybody .. I have guy friends and I can assure you, they want nothing from me and they have no hidden agendas or anything or I would be figuring it out sooner or later ... Plus, I wouldn't be dating random guys until I find the one ... I wouldn't be wasting my time on any1 just for the sake of it .... I have a specific type and it's nothing impossible and if I take by your advice I would be dating disrespectful manwhores.

I have a couple of questions. First off, just because a guy hits on you and tries to get a date that makes him a man *****? Remember the males are supposed to approach the females. Males are supposed to initiate the romantic encounters. Males are also advised against trying to be romantic with friends. So if you drop them in the dreaded friendzone. About 90% of them will believe there is no chance for romance and move on.

Second question, how can you know what you want from a romantic relationship if you never experience one? I mean really, that is like saying you want a house. That house could be in the worst neighborhood but you want a house so you buy it.

True the other males who play friendship games are males who can get any female they want and keep you around because you are slighly more of a challenge. However, that is for you to determine on your own.

Finally, how can you possibly know if a male is suitalbe as a mate? I mean if you are going to spend your time judging males in this way, how can you tell when one is date worthy? True you are young, but you will find that you will hit 25 sooner than you think, then 30.. then 35. Time flies when you get older. Weeks barely count for me anymore.

Anyway I digress, I always enjoy seeing another old lonely female in the making

I sent you a msg answering those questions, couldn't reply on hereeeee.

ForgottenMale coz you are so boring you are instantly forgettable?

what a **** forgottenmale is!!

He is so boring even his family disowned him!

I wish my family disowned me. Then I might be able to enjoy the holidays.

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hey add me...

well good choice and yes never think and worry about it im sure you will find a wonderful man for you too...

yeahh hope we all do!!

Hey, more power to you. Nothing wrong with getting to know someone.

lol I agree

Good way to go, I think a lot of successful relationships are those that start off as friendship.

me too!!

hhmmm and still you dont like to entertain suitors is that it?try so that you can have another person that would like your are you my friend?

My pet has died !!!! last week x_x had him for 2 years. So now I need a new fish not a bf lol ... how have you been :P

I've somehow got the same mindset! Looks like im not the only one

These are all conceptual view points driven by outside influence. It doesn't make you a ***** to do something you like. There is no right or wrong but personal opinion makes it so.<br />
<br />
I would suggest questioning all you know. Look deep inside yourself and see how you feel from a place of love. Open your mind to new possibilies and go with what you feel is right, rather than what you're told to feel is right.<br />
<br />
When you this you may find your perspectives change and that is ok. It may just reaffirm your current beliefs and that's ok too ^_^<br />
<br />
Live with love in your heart and go with what resonates with you. Just remember that all view points are vaild. You don't have to like what someone else feels it right, but you certainly don't have to judge them. We're all human beings with out own unique thoughts and feelings, and that's a beautiful thing.<br />
<br />
Kudos for sticking to your convictions ^_^

our* not out... lol silly digital keyboards...

yeah that's great ......... Thnx for your comment :D

It is pretty great. The world and all it's people are infinitely facinating

lol not all are fascinating, some are just dumb XD

Well that's still a matter of perspective but sure lol


Disappointing but true when you think about it. Everyone has their own unique individual ways of experiencing life based on what they've been through. You can say a person is dumb or even an ******* based on your interaction with them but it still boils down to an opinion lol. The understanding of interactions is based on experience. If you grew up in a completely different environment, you'd be different, you'd be you with a different understanding of existence.

Thats what I mean by facinating lol

lol okay!!! I won't find that in the urban dictionary under fascinating XD

Haha probably not roflmao

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It's amazing to know how people from your countryside are single. ..from my nation many people have silly thinking about yours!!<br />
<br />
But A cheers for you! For tell your nice experience about this.<br />
As I know how people hurt our thoughts and emotions

well never wait so long its hard not to enjoy things you never explore yet and if even try but not make it more then you will miss something that you will not conpensate later.

No that will turn me in2 a ***** literally if I accepted every guy. Those guys are already not so good :s so I'm not missing out anything XD on the other hand, if I good one came I won't hesitate !!!! Thnx for commenting.

well just do the best shot and dont think everyone who would invite you is just looking to get laid,if it does maybe later not just for 1 night.LOL
So hows your pets this days?

Lol still alive and hanging in so yay !! Lol

theres nothing your missing, take your time.

yeah D:&lt;