Single, And That's Okay!

This is my first time being really single in a very long time without prospects. I am guilty of jumping from one relationship to another in the past and I'm so happy that I feel like I don't need to do that. I'm okay with being alone. I'm really enjoying the freedom of being on my own and doing what I want, having control over my own life. At times it's scary because I'm so used to being part of a team and having another person to fall back on for support. The world feels full of possibilities and that's exhilarating and sometimes overwhelming. I am also over 3,000 miles from my family and completely self-sufficient financially, really and truly on my own. I miss home but I love that I am doing interesting things and I am able to meet my basic needs without relying on others, including my emotional needs. I'm stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, it's nice to rediscover who I am and who I have become in the past two years.
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We all need someone, I am glad you feel comfortable alone, but sooner or later you will need someone

Can relate to your story, I found my self in a similar situation a while back except I was never in a relationship, I was just pining for one.... <br />
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I usually hate people who give advice but I feel a kinship with your story.... being in that place of growing independance and vulnerability is the most special time of my life.<br />
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Make sure you capitalized on your momentum, one of the ironies of finding your own space is that others find you attractive, they see your confidence and want to be with you but its important that you stay independent. <br />
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Please please please go back packing through another country, it changes everything about you for the better. it doesn't matter where you go. Europe, America, Australia..... as long as you do it solo. You will find out things about yourself that you never knew existed<br />
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please please please do the things that scare you... learn to ride a motorbike, talk to strangers, go sky diving, travel to somewhere rediciously forgien.<br />
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Obviously do these things in as safest way as possible. I can honestly say when I was in the space that you are in that it was the best time of my life.

Well to be 24 and have even as much wisdom and experience as you do with as little bitterness and so few scars (from what I can tell, I may be way off track) is quite rare and fantastic. To be so young and yet so content and happy with where you are in life is a fantastic place to be moving forward from.<br />
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I agree. Either meet your life partner later or meet them really early on without all those habits and intolerance's that we pick up like snowballs rolling down hill that we've inevitably picked up by the time we're adults. So by being together from say the age of 15 and just being the best of friends, you grow up together and get to know each other as you do. I know this wouldn't work so well in todays world but in principle I feel its one of the best models I've ever heard of.<br />
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Thanks, I'll look out for your updates and make an effort to make sure you see mine when I have something to update about. I'm not sure when its appropriate to ask someone if they'd like to be added to a circle or how that works but if you like... (-=<br />
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So what are you up to at the moment, education, work, travelling or just taking some time out? If you don't mind me asking...<br />
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Have a good day! ( =

Yes, I'm new so I'm not really sure how circles and friends etc work on here but by all means add me!

I'm working on paying off my student debt and going to school. I work for a college so my education is very reduced in price at the moment. I eventually would like to have an RN and work in women's health, preferably in a rural, under-served area with women at high risk of abuse and health problems. But I'm open to wherever life takes me! :)

Shoot me a message, and let me know what you're up to, I'm curious!

Sounds like you are truly independent, and mature for your young age. You should be very proud of yourself, for your past accomplishments, and for your future goals. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words! :)

Wow! I really enjoyed reading this and am happy to know that there's at least one woman out there having this experience, coz if there's one, there's bound to be more.<br />
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I've never been in a relationship myself, serious or otherwise (unless you count 2 months with a girl 35,000m away who I only met through a dating website... 0_o) so I've had the exact opposite experience to you and I'm 28. I'm really looking forward to having everything you've had in abundance. At the same time I take for granted everything you're only just discovering. I'd be interested to keep up to date with what you're learning from this new phase of your life.<br />
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Hope you're well and happy<br />

I feel like I'm really late to figure out that it's possible to be alone and happy. I've always been terrified of being on my own, making my own choices. I'm 24 and have spent the last 9 years serial dating, my last two relationships both lasted 2 years apiece and both were dragged on way longer than they should have been partially because of my fears. I am definitely in a better place and I'm of course a little scared but mostly very excited to discover myself and see where life goes from here! It's interesting that we're on opposite ends of the dating experience spectrum in a way, I always feel like people who meet their partners later are better equipped and stronger than I've felt. I'm interested in seeing how things turn out on your end as well! :)