I Dont Know Anymore

Not Many people understand me...im very fun to hang out with..im a pretty cool person..people find me cute others dont...im chubby and that sucks because noone takes me serious in anything i do...and i cant find the right guy anymore because i have low self-esteem
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Don t look for him start with friendship and maybe one day this friendship will leed u to a beautiful romance ! The guy who easy come will easy go so be strong ! You re perfect the way you are don t change ur selfs cause may be some of our defecties can be for some people qualities ! So keep it up

How big do you consider, "chubby?"

A few ways to improve self esteem is to always replace those unsure thoughts with **** it.

"**** it who gives a ****?" - "Go **** yourself." - "Why the **** not me?"

You have to learn to love yourslef before you can love someone else. Focus on going out and meeting new people, make some new friends and let them see what a great person you are. When you have a close group of friends who just appreciate you for being you, your self esteem will be through the roof and in time, maybe that right person will come along too! Btw Im a chubster too! But thats never stopped me....

You all are special in every different way possibe, am sure there is someone for everyone out there, so dont let go. I was once like that and the remedy i used was simple. Love yourself first, look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, pick all the positives about you, When you do that then it will come easy for people to love you... You see, if people see you display a certain level of confidence in your step and that you have your head held up high they will gravitate to you.

I'm now going to say that you are being hard on yourself just be yourself and think about having fun maybe helping others at voluntery centres and before you know you'll find some one who can see beyond your physical shape and see the thoughtfull caring person you are.

Been there done that wrote the book and still am stuck wondering why no one wants me. If you figure that out let me know.

i feel u :)

aww.. i can relate because we have the same and exact situation.. and ur right it sucks..

I can relate to how you're feeling. I don't think that I am attractive. All my friends are like you should build your self confidence. I can't find the right guy either. I always pick the rotten apple. I hope things get better for you

I usually had really low self-esteem as well; 2 years ago I barely dared to speak to girls. Although I've always had plenty of friends.<br />
Sharing your inner feelings with a truly good friends helps a lot; letting feelings go out makes one stronger, and eventually one's self-esteem will rise!<br />
I have another problem now, I have been deeply in love with a girl who never loved me back, and so now I have been heart-broken for a year almost, and I can't stop thinking about her :(

Im right with u.. I feel the same exact way. I mean I think im a pretty cool person but it just seems like no else feels that way..And as far as the low self esteem i totally get that i have like the lowest self esteem anyone can have and it totally sucks.. so i know how u feel.