Storms Will Come

Boys II Men were correct in wondering if one can "stand the rain?" Yes, relationships can have rainy, gloomy days but it is making it through the storm that makes the participants strong.

Often, issues do arise with the girl that I'm dating. I have to admit that we both must have had the desire to "run," at one time or the other, but we actually notice that we can learn when we don't run. And this willingness to go into the depths of the other person's feelings is a characteristic of a desire to love, if not love itself.

I guess I usually ask myself this question; do I want to go to the dry land and be alone, or do I want to wait out the storm with the one I love?
The answer is always the latter.

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2012

Thank you for this wonderful post. It is a source of encouragement.

Its knowing and trusting that there is light at the end of the tunnel... that the storm will pass..... its knowing that you are willing to 'stay and fight' rather than 'cut and run'.... relationships take work, hard work, and those that don't get that aren't in the right place for the relationship to work - its not about the 'fun' its about the commitment... that being said life, previous experiences, distance, fear can all increase the 'height and weight' of the storm...but a wise individual told me that you have to have 'faith', to stop putting pressure on everything and to trust..... and whilst sometimes, in the moment it seems hard to do... if your serious about that person, you have a connection with that person, and deep down you know if you do, then 'riding the storm' together can only make you stronger and that's when the sun comes out, the sea calms, the storm fades and blue skies reign..... and you have to trust and remember because storms will come again... they're inevitable, but there is ALWAYS the sun and the love, behind the clouds....