I Am Single And I'm Happy Still... :) But Why Some People Don't Leave Me Happily Single And Keep Asking Me To Get Married And Hurting My Parent?????

What to say, just wanna share about what i felt living as A single MALAY girl in ends 20's. As asian and moreover Malay muslim girl, most people will think about us is we are very conservative and weak who just let man to lead us in life so that we don't need to think so much what we want to do for our life as husband can take care of our life. Most of our woman are married in early 20's. and if u still not married around that age i meant below 25, people surround u will judge u as SPINSTER???...its sound cruel aight???  I don't know why, but it really happen to me. after my age starting 26, my life begin totally in stressful, my mum and relatives keep asking when i will get married? why u don'want to get married? why don't u accept the proposal who come asking for u?, why u so choosy? why this and why that... in early 2 month i still can stand with hundred question by ignored them, but as days running over, the question is more sounds cynically hurting not even me, but its hurting my beloved parent, they judge my mum who cause I'm not yet married (For info: I'm the most contributor at home, Bought my house when I'm 23 for my family and some properties for future used. I'm very proud to bear my family with my own hand. I don't know why they judge my mum making me as her gold mine so whatever. but for me, as the eldest at my 4 sibling. Its my responsible to care everything. I have a good career and high income. So what is all money and property i have if not used for my family? If my parent can spend all their money to made me myself now why i can't do the same? ) Sometime i felt i wanna run from this country and bring all my family to another place who didn't know us to avoid this situation but I think its not a best solution to running from this problem. I felt so sad when they wrongly judge my parent who cause Im still single in this age.


About relationship. I have once a relationship with local man. I thought he will be the one, but because our distance, suspicion feeling made the relationship is no longer stand. As I'm busy with my career, I'm totally forgot I still don't have anyone to call special partner myself. U know, nowadays, Its hard to find someone we can rely in our life not only for protector but also for real soul-mate. Mostly now relationship just for short term time relationship and no commitment apply. I don't want that kind of relationship. I want to have real marriage life to grows my family in a good environment in our living. I still can't find 1 who i can see him as my husband and share life with.  For me Marriage is a very huge things to do in life. Marriage to me not only for making babies or living together share home and bed. It's about how much we are ready to commit and take responsible not only in our life who married but  also life's for the consolidation of two families which it will takes time to get a long and compatible each other. 


Of course I need a husband but it doesn't meant they can simply match making anytime they like.  I still believe somewhere out there were been fated for me... I just don't know when and how or where.. let it happen naturally  i don't mind how long it will be takes because I'm not in hurry ...hehehe...Only 1 think I wish is they (people surround me) just leave me and my family alone and keep their own business... 
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Good,ween,hope you will find your soul mate