Being An Older Man...

I have been a young man, and when I was a young man, I acted as a young man, much of the time selfishly, now that I am an older man, I act as an older man, not as an "old" man though, I still enjoy life and all the pleasures that it can provide, but because of my life experience, I think that I am able to enjoy things more, and ensure that those that I am with, also enjoy things more, I realise that my own pleasure is not the most important thing to my enjoyment of life.

I can meet a woman, and be a friend, and not necessarily have to take her to bed, I am still open minded, and open to new experiences, I have not done everything yet, and I want to keep exploring life, I find younger women attractive and exciting and I also love women closer to my own age.

And I should add, that when I was a young man that I was always in a hurry, and now that I am an older man, I just like to take my time.....

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2 Responses Aug 7, 2012

Yes knowing you can't hurt them without hurting yourself,<br />
So it is better to not be with them at all when you know you would only hurt them and yourself by entertaining them in your life,<br />
It requires a lot of self-knowledge to know what you really want and need in your life,<br />
What type of person you want,<br />
And what type of person you need to be...

Yeah if you don't want a quick f___u---ck that is, wanting something more meaningful that you have missed in life then you would care...

Few men are like that...well said!

Now that you are older you just want to take your time,<br />
Because you want to make sure you don't get hurt again,<br />
This time if it is the right woman you want to make extra sure it is,<br />
Before just jumping into a pool of heartbreak AGAIN!