Yeah.. i looking for the right guy im 15.!(: . All the guys i have dated are jerks. I thought i was in love and gave sex to him i regret it. He ended up cheating on me. Alot of guys like me i think but i tired of players . Why can there be a sweet nice guy to come along in my world..
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stay true to yourself, always make a man and I do mean man EARN your trust & respect

You are probably old enough to have already realized this but just incase you havent. The sexier you dress and act the more likely you are to attract a guy who just wants sex.<br />
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Dont dress or act sexy at all and you will be suprised how much easier it is to find a guy who isnt just pretending to like you to get sex

Patience my dear..^^<br />
The time hasn't come yet :D

ur lucky ur just 15 you have loads of time and you will find him. the other problem is most of the nice thoughtful guys are in most cases shy so they really never approach you yet the douchbags are always out there. bummer!!!

hurt in the same way :(, also dated stupid girls thinking that they love me, but they cheated, girls are so complicated i think, wen will i get a simple girl with no complications, who is mine only n only mine, waitnig for dat girl

Learn to pick out a guy ba<x>sed on his actions and not so much of his words. Bullshiters & pla<x>yers come in male/female form. Write down a list of character traits and special things you want in a man, to pick smart.

I'll tell you what I told my Daughters - Guys don't even BEGIN to mature until their late 20's...(Almost 30) and with this said, It's probably best not to take relationships seriously for about 10 more years.. Finish school, learn who you are, and become the kind of woman who attracts guys who aren't douchebags.

You'll find him someone day, though at your age, most guys are douche bags (I'm not btw).

Ikr theyre all douchebags

You might not want to advertise your age on this site. Also what you say you're looking for us pretty generic. Try and careful describe yourself and what you want. It'll help.

i'd bin called sweet kind carefree i write song poems for friends i got a song for my girlfriend if i get one lol

Something to keep in mind from my experience that might help: how are you presenting yourself? Depending on how you present yourself will determine who you attract. Beyond that I'm not going to make any assumptions.<br />
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At 15 you're still young and you have plenty of time. I'm 29 and divorced and I still have plenty of time so don't rush yourself. We all make mistakes but I can also say from experience that it's best to remember but not dwell on them or else they will weigh us down. Also, as you've realized pla<x>yers are a waste of time and odds are they will never change. My last piece of advice is when the right guy comes along, you will know if you're honest with yourself.<br />
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I wrote a story relating to this and I've featured it on my profile. Check it out as I think it might help.