Party Of One

After being in and out of relationships for over 45 years and always ending up single anyway,
it is starting to dawn on me that we as "humans" are "E-volving"  2 B  "2 Into Ourselves",and are totally becoming socially " Disco-Necked" and " E-volving"  into"Techno-Logical" and more Mechanical Beings to really be in "intimate relationships for very long anymore.
It seems we all have these fairy-tale ideas of "living happily ever after" in these "soulmate relationships" that really end up being "Stalemate Relationships".
My "perfect partners" have included: abusers, boozers, cruzers,loosers,users,cheaters, liars,theives,common criminals and sociopaths,
Purrrrhaps it is me but I,myself do not feel that  close and personal (longlasting relationships) are possible anymore.. After all, life is always changing and so are we - even FASTER these days. With all thse STD's and other personal ,mental and physical issues and problems I am really AFFRAID to even try a serious relationship.
I think nowadays (the last 50 yrs say) most of us have come though a "dysfukional" family life-
most of our parents divorsed- if we even knew who our parents were and maybe we had very painful childhoods or very bad memories of our childhoods.
It just seems like we are "ALL LOOKING" for a purrrrfect partner but we have all these "Rules" and hangups- We Want the purrfect partner!
And really, how could we not? We all just want to be happy- but nowadaze You have to get the FBI  to check out a potential partner- How can you really feel good about being in relationships now?
I just think we have "E-volved" beyond permanant relationships now- It has all become so COMPLICATED and dangerous too.
We each have our own lives to live- so relationships are really only "experiences". And experiences are only that-temporary blocks of time-steps to the next experience.::::
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2012

Yeah I understand. we make it complicated. It can become a pattern where you end up diz-illuzioned. :))
If a fairy tale is expected, well that presents a whole new set of complications. I'm not here to be in someone's tale.

Soulmate/Stalemate..... ROFLMAO. Sooooooo true, Pudde.

I am starting to feel the same way. A Real relationship is becoming more of a fantasy. Thing is I don't build myself up either, I see no need too, so I guess I'm shooting myself in the foot. I will not be something I am not though and I will not deceive another either--take me--warts and all.

And WHAT is the suggestion Mr. Hollywood? Maybe a reality show?

May I make a suggestion