I'm 16 and single and I don't like it. Especially when I see my friends all happy with their bf/gf. But not doing anything just waiting
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You are young so enjoy life whist you can,you will find your partner when you least expect it.At present do the things you want,yes your friends have partners but watch them few will last any length of time,but you can be there for them!

story of my life.I'm 16 too and I'm single.It's not just the fact that we're single it's our dear dear friends who make us feel uncomfortable with their lovey-dovey attitude.Don't worry you're not wasting time,the right person will appear! p.s obviously he has to be handsome, intelligent and sensible.Don't you agree?

EP is great.. I'm only a newly registered member yet I could already find answers to my questions.. they all make sense.. I'm only 15 and I realize there shouldn't be a hurry about this.. thank you. :0

Relationships are overrated. The older you get, the more you realize your life is not just about finding someone else. And those "happy" teenager relationships make me laugh, because all of them end in complete disaster one day.

I think you should enjoy being single while you are waiting.. You'll be alright.I'm pretty damn sure!

I know what you mean. I didnt have a real relationship until I was 20yrs old. Just be patient the right guy/girl will come along. Your still young you will fall in love half a dozen times before you find the right one. RIght now I'm single not sure I'm looking? The only thing I miss is the kissing, cuddling, and well the more intimate thangs. I'm not trying to treat you like a kid I'm just being respectful of you and not being a perv. I'm a very good listener and I have been through alot and should you like to chat fee free to message me and if you wanted to friend me you can its up to you. I hope that you might experience what its like to have someone to cuddle with.