I've never had a girlfriend, had sex, or even kissed a girl. Its not that I'm unnattractive Im just aterrible conversationist and am very reserved.
therealredrich therealredrich
2 Responses Sep 3, 2012

You're really not hopeless I bet there's at least one girl crushing on you and you don't notice 'cause you're emerged into your shyness, verbal conversations aren't everything, sometimes your eyes can say much more than your mouth can. Don't be ashamed I'm 17 and I've never had any of those things either I'm sure it's cause it's just not the right time yet. I'm in college so that's a priority for me now, I guess things come when you less expect them so be ready ;)

Hey do not worry ... I bet you have qualities that are attractive... I know that if you have problem with yourself it is so hard to socialize with others or find somebody...be kind to yourself...give yourself a chance